Saturday, 30 July 2011

Lightsaber: Part 3

Alrighty, lets get into it.

After my first design was a complete disaster I decided that i needed to do more research. I focused my time on what is compatible and what looks good on a saber. I actually came up with many designs, however, only some actually looked really good.

I narrowed it down to my best 2 designs in the end and chose one of them. I wont tell you which one I chose, you can guess in the comments ;) Ill reveal what I chose in the next blog.

So here are the designs! (Let my know in the comments if you can't see them)

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lightsaber: Part 2

I'm back again guys! Time to write more about my beloved lightsaber.

So, for a few weeks I 'lurked' The Custom Saber Shop's forums. I tried to familiarise myself with the whole Saber building process. A neat little thing on the website is the "MHS Builder". MHS stands for Modular Hilt System which is pretty much just the part where you hold your saber. Its a little flash app that opens in your browser and it allows you to select certain Saber Shop parts and put them together and help you decide what you actually want to build.

So I went ahead and built it. I thought it was a flawless design so I posted it on the forums and got a pretty negative response. My saber just wouldn't work. I ended up designing it to be around 17 inches long with is way too big just for the hilt. And the parts just wouldn't fit together. I had a long way to go yet. I was still a noob...


My first design.

In the next edition I'll show you my 2 final designs that I had to choose from and which design I chose and why.

Also, here is a link to the MHS builder so you guys can play around a little:


Saturday, 23 July 2011


This is my first post in a very long time. I've decided to do my lightsaber series. I will write a series of blogs following my journey on how I built my masterpiece. Lets start from the beginning ;)

Okay, I've always wanted to build my own lightsaber but never figured out a way to do so. I decided to google a few things. And to my astonishment I found a website that is completely dedicated to lightsaber building. This website is . I was amazed at what this website contained. You can buy parts such as different parts of the hilt, blades and the wiring parts. I needed more info though. I had no idea which parts to buy. So I joined their forums and learnt a bit more. At this point, I am still a noob though...

This is probably the most boring edition of the series you are going to read.. Next time I will post photos of my first saber designs etc... They will get better, I promise.

I do recommend that you do check out that website if you're interested in constructing a saber. Believe me, its worth it. I'll try get the next blog out in a few days!