Saturday, 6 August 2011

Lightsaber: Part 5

Hello again!

I asked you which colour you thought I would pick for my saber in the last blog. The comments were quite interesting actually. Most of you suggested that I would pick a red or green saber. This is not the case. I actually chose to make my lightsaber blue. I'll tell you why.

My favourite character from Star Wars is Obi Wan Kenobi. Throughout the movies, Kenobi has had a blue saber. Its always appealed to me more than a green saber. I didn't choose a red one because I didn't like the red colour that the LED from the custom saber shop made.

Now that I had chosen the colour for my blade, it was time to add colour to my hilt. I had my design ready, I just needed to add a bit of colour. I thought it was just stupid to put a bright colour on saber hilt so I wanted to stick to darker colours. Here are two colour schemes that I came up with:

Tell me which colour scheme you thought I chose and I'll tell you which one I chose in the next post!



  1. i like the silver one better. +followed

  2. i have to agree, the one with the gold sliver makes it look odd when there is no other gold bits on it. they both look great though.

  3. The bottom one is IMO better. Much more clean, contrast are ok, it fits the blue beam.